Urban Stringz (US) was founded in 2007 by Cecelia Sharpe http://www.ccsharpe.com/, music educator and conductor.  The mission of Urban Stringz II is to enhance student’s musical talents and abilities in addition to exposing them to our culturally rich and diverse society.  We recognize the tremendous value exposure to music education plays in helping to form and shape the foundation of the lives of young people, and with the absence of music programs in many schools, US fulfills that need for students. 

 US provides a 2-week music summer camp for student’s ages 8 – 18 years old.  The Urban Stringz Summer Camp serves a critical need in the community to provide students of all playing levels an opportunity to experience string studies.  Ms. Sharpe has developed a unique training model that not only encourages students to return to camp every summer but it has kept them involved in music throughout the year.  Instructors that have taught at camp also followed this unique model which has proven successful in the retention of USII students.  Camp is held on the campus of Wayne State University located in Mid-town Detroit.  Classes range from beginner to advance and are open to any child that is interested in attending.  Although the camp moves at an accelerated pace, participants have fun and are introduced to creative and edgy music.  During the 2-weeks students have group and one on one lessons, workshops with a professional musician, and a field trip to a local cultural attraction.  Students receive 2 meals per day, breakfast (to get them going) and lunch (to keep them going). 

Our outcome for participants is that each young person is confident in his/her level of playing at the end of the 2-week camp.  Children are given an opportunity to showcase their talents during a concert on the last day of camp.  Due to Ms. Sharpe’s musical gift and uncanny ability to transfer those skills to students the results have been phenomenal each year.  In 2-weeks beginner students are prepared to create music and go on stage to perform. 

During the school year a small group of Urban Stringz students remain dedicated to rehearse and perform for various functions throughout the year. Urban Stringz is called upon to provide entertainment for variety of private and community events. Performances include the African World Festival, J Dilla Youth Day, Kadesh Church, Todd Phillips Youth Home, Children’s Hospital and more.